First Week of School

Students on campus have had the summer away, but now are left to sit through syllabus week and 50 minute lectures.

The 2015 fall semester didn’t just start that way though. Really, it came in with a bang.

Monday, August 17, at 7:00 PM new students were welcomed officially to Drury University and returning students flocked to the lane for their yearly freebies.

For two hours, students were able to get free Pineapple Whip, T-shirts, planners, water bottles, Andy’s Frozen Custard, and school supplies. Students could learn about on campus organizations, such as the Vine, Fanthers, and Drury Greek Life.

Once the two hours were up, everyone began to take their seat in order to get the best view on the lane. At 9:30 PM the fireworks would begin.

The show was spectacular, lasting more than 20 minutes, with 5 different songs, and more than 400 students in attendance. The crowd cheered as the loudest bangs came at the end and solidified the finale of Orientation weekend.


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