Top 5 things to know for bicycle care

Running errands on your bike is great way to get some fresh air, squeeze in some exercise, and help the environment. Nothing ruins an afternoon of productivity more than unexpected injuries to your bike. Don’t let those get in the way of the rest of your plans. Here are the top 5 things to know to take care of your bike.

1.Preventative maintenance

There are a number of things you can do to take care of your bike before going out on a ride. Be sure to check your bike for small problems before every ride and watch for bigger problems throughout the year. Check out a complete list of what preventative maintenance should performed and when.

2.How to use a hex key
Small issues on a bike often are about tightening and twisting a few parts. A hex key is the number one tool every bicycle rider should know how to use. Carrying a hex key with you on every ride is important. It can be helpful to tighten anything that you notice is loose.

3. How to change a tire
Changing a tire may seem like a daunting task, but really, it’s simple. It is important to know how to fix a flat, just in case something punctures your tube while riding.

4. How to replace a chain
A chain may fall off while riding, or something may happen that makes it break. However it happens, it is important that you fix it because, of course, you can not ride a bike without a working chain. Replacing a chain may be dirty, so be sure to be in clothes you don’t care about.

5. How to fix brakes
Brakes are essential to a safe ride. They should be checked before every ride. If something happens during your ride, don’t fret. Pull over in a safe place and follow these steps to get back on road again.

Knowing these five simple tips will help you have a safe ride. Enjoy!


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